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Vimeo subtitles - MidityVimeo library

12 Mar 2010
Posted by John

In my previous blog entry I got the idea of making subtitles for Vimeo movies. I extended that idea to make it even easier.
The attached MidityVimeo javascript library contains all code to create subtitles the easy way. The only thing you have to do is:

  1. Make sure you include the MidityVimeo and the GoogleAPI javascript in your page
  2. Paste the Vimeo Embed code in your HTML
  3. Create the Javascript subtitles as mentioned in my previous blog 
  4. Call a function to activate the subtitles: 
    MidityVimeoLib.showSubtitles(clip_id, subtitles, ID_Of_Subtitles_DIV);

Things to note:

  • Examples included in the package
  • The MidityVimeo library searches your page for all Vimeo movies and replaces them all with dynamically loaded ones in order to get JavaScript access to them. 
  • Supports changing subtitles during playback by calling the above function again. That way you can let the user switch between languages.
  • Support of multiple subtitled Vimeo clips on 1 page.
  • Not supported: one Vimeo clip twice on one page (but I'm interested in why you would want to do that)
  • License: GNU GPL3, full text is included in the package

Next step:

  • Create an easy editor so transcribers can create the subtitles

If you're using it, I would appreciate a comment below or send me a quick note.

MidityVimeo_1_0_20100312.zip16.34 KB


hey john,
i use your library on the "Trusted Computing movie" site.
Users can choose from 17 different languages during playback.
pretty cool,
thanks for that :)


Hi John,

this is a really nice library, however I was wondering why you didn't go for a standard subtitling format such as SRT: that way one could use tools like universalsubtitles to create subtitles, then download them and use your library to display them..


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